BondAuction was back at the annual Fixed Income Leaders Summit that was held in Barcelona this year. This was a great opportunity for us to further existing engagement as well as drive new conversations with a broad audience from the buy side and beyond. The key topics that we picked up on are as follows:


Building on the desire for a greater connected market place, the feeling from the attendees is that things are starting to take shape. The willingness to collaborate faces the challenge of the time and cost required to deliver the change, but collaboration is winning! It is hoped this momentum will continue. At BondAuction we have seen this first hand with our collaborations with Liquidnet, NowCM and (previously Finsemble).

(Even more) Primary Focus

Another theme that continues to grow in strength is the focus on technology transformation of the Primary market. Previously tech solutions were focussed on secondary flow and improvements. It is noticeable however that these companies are now all looking to either expand existing product coverage or introduce new products that deliver into the Primary market too. Increasing choice for the buy side will accelerate the end goal of a seamless market.

Award(s) Winning Fintech

Last year we were very proud to announce we had won the Dragons Den at the summit. To be invited back to pitch again and explain how far we had come over the last 12 months was a somewhat daunting task in the face of strong competition. Coming away with the most votes from the buy side, for the second time running was the best validation of the platform we could hope for. We are excited with what the next year will bring now regulation is in place, and we hope to be back to share that data.