BondAuction, an auction platform for fixed income trading, has partnered with Finsemble to provide better efficiency and connectivity for its clients.

In the world of finance, transparency, efficiency, and security are of paramount importance. These values are particularly relevant in the fixed income market, where bonds and other debt securities are bought and sold. To address these concerns, BondAuction aims to simplify Primary fixed income issuance by providing a transparent, efficient, and secure platform for issuers, investors, and underwriters.

BondAuction’s platform enables Investors to place bids in a Primary debt issuance, allowing Issuers and Underwriters to make a fast, informed decision to set deal terms, reducing the amount of time and therefore risk when executing trades.

The Finsemble and BondAuction partnership allows BondAuction clients to connect any type of application (such as a client OMS or EMS) to BondAuction components for better efficiency. BondAuction clients can seamlessly integrate their existing applications with the BondAuction platform, making it even easier to participate in the Primary debt capital market.

From the outset we’ve worked to ensure that BondAuction is accessible from wherever investors choose to work from, whether that be an OMS, EMS, or proprietary application. Our partnership with Finsemble is a significant milestone for BondAuction, as it significantly expands the number of venues from where investors can engage with our platform.

says Andy Cureton, Co-Founder of BondAuction.

BondAuction’s vision to create a more efficient and transparent bond market is now sharpened with Finsemble, and BondAuction users will see faster, secure, and more transparent transactions.

About BondAuction

BondAuction provides an auction platform for the Primary Debt Capital Markets, ensuring significant improvements in the new issue process benefitting issuers, underwriters, and investors. Building on over 75 years’ experience amongst the principals in running new issues and delivering transformational technology, the BondAuction product is a transparent, efficient, and secure platform for issuers and underwriting banks to auction primary debt transactions and connect to institutional investors.